Acting @ FSPA

Youth Acting (8-12 years)

In this class we explore the fundamentals and foundations of acting. We start with the basics of the voice and body, then build into infusing those elements with genuine emotion through scene work and monologues. We also cover stage direction, acting terminology, and audition etiquette. Once these things are in place, we transition into rehearsals for our big, end-of-the-year production. All students will complete the class with a solid grip on the necessities of what makes an effective performance.

Friday 6:00-7:00pm

Teen Acting (13-18years)

In this class, we begin with voice and body work, and uncover the ways they work together to create genuine reaction and emotion, while building our vocabulary and knowledge-base of acting terms and methodologies. We use that to move forward in scene work, and eventually monologues, where we explore comedic, dramatic, slight, and over-the-top characters. At the end of the year, we transition into rehearsals for our big, school-wide production. All students will complete the class with a firm understanding of what it takes to make an effective impact in both scenes and auditions. 

Friday 5:00-6:00pm


Contemporary Vocal Performance  (10- 18yr)


Calling all singers, ages 10-18! The Franklin School of Performing Art's wildly successful Vocal Performance Group is holding another round of auditions for the 2018-2019 season! In this class, students and teachers bring in familiar songs that we work and rearrange with harmonies, solos, and featured parts. We focus on emoting through the lyrics, exploring the fundamentals of songwriting, connecting with each other, and creatively collaborating to create fresh renditions.
In past seasons, we've performed at Franklin's Pumpkin Fest, at the beautiful new cafe Coffee & Coconuts, and have held packed showcases in the FSPA studio. We will also be singing alongside the FSPA dancers at the Vanderbilt Blair School of Music for the Winter Concert, and we'll finish out the year in June for our school-wide musical production of Frozen

Classes are held in the FSPA studio on Thursday nights from 7:30pm-9:00pm. Cost is $87/month. 

Winter Concert: Feb 2-3, $50 production fee. Dress rehearsal is Sat, 2/2 with two shows on Sunday, 2/3.

2018-2019 Audition Information:   August 18th @ FSPA