Classes Start September 8th & Temporary Location

Dear FSPA Families,

   I hope you have all had a great Summer! We are very excited to start our 25th year here at FSPA!

  As you all know we are transitioning to a new space. Unfortunately, because the new space is still under construction we will need start classes September 8th in our temporary location at Agame which  is located at 215 Gothic Court. 

Agame has been gracious enough to rent us two rooms so that we could begin our classes on time. 

 Due to working around scheduling with the ice skating program we have had to temporarily adjust the times of some of the classes to make everything work. Please keep in mind that this is a temporary schedule. We will resume the schedule as normal as soon as move into our new studio which is planned for October. 

Studio A classes are located at the end the back hallway pass the concession stand. Studio B classes are located upstairs and to the right. (Look for signs). All level 2 classes and under please plan to meet the teacher and or an FSPA staff member in the lobby and they will take you to your class and bring you back at the end of class to meet with the parents for pickup.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask! Please note our new phone # is 615-268-3293. We will have a temporary office set up in the lobby at Agame during class times. 


           Jana Christensen

           Franklin School of Performing Arts