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Stefani Paige

I don't recall a time in my life when I didn't want to be an actress. I used to play out very  dramatic scenes with myself and my imaginary co stars in the mirror, and every year in the elementary school production, I always added something "extra" to stand out...(much to the teacher's surprise). In middle school I wrote a 'Nerds vs. Preps' skit set in the 50s to the song Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree for the Christmas talent show. I cast it and held rehearsals at my house...(much to my mother's surprise). That little skit became a tradition at the school and was still being performed years after I left Jr. High. I had never felt so elated. I was lucky enough to make it as a member of Odyssey of the Mind (OM) which was a creative thinking and performing arts club. In OM, 7 children from each school were selected to write their own material for a mini-play, make their own props, and compete in timed improv challenges under very specific guidelines. My team won at regionals and got to travel to the big city of Nashville to compete state-wide. We didn't take home the gold, but there began my love for this city and the place where I would eventually complete my AS in Elementary Education, and a BFA in Acting at Lipscomb University. I also attended the Gately/Poole Acting Conservatory at Northern Illinois University where I grew braver and bolder in my craft. 

I've gotten to work alongside people like Carrie Underwood in her Temporary Home video (my first national gig where they put me in six layers and no makeup!). I've also worked with Brett Eldredge, Luke Bryan, and Brad Paisley. I've been lucky enough to have appeared in dozens of short films, music videos, commercials, two feature films, and a TV pilot with Sam Shepard. On the stage, I've gotten to experience all that magic in several roles with places like the Missoula Children's Theatre, the Tennessee Rep, Chaffin's Barn, and the Southern Literary Convention. 

I am truly living my dream getting to teach AND act, and teaching children how to act! It is my passion to continue to share the excitement and creativity of acting to as many children and teens as possible. I have seen it grow confidence in the shyest of the group, build collaborative teamwork skills in every student, and offer a safe place where there are no bounds to exploring themselves through character work. I also educate my classes on audition etiquette, proper terminology, and the differences between film and theatre performing. Spread the word, bring a friend, and let's get to acting!