School & Tuition Policies 

Tuition is calculated based on a 4 week per month system from August- May (and one week for June). We do not prorate for 3 weeks or charge more for 5 weeks of classes. Full tuition is due the first week of each month and is late after the 10th incurring a $15.00 fee. You will not receive a monthly invoice from us, so please note the due date of payments on your calendar. Tuition is due regardless of absences. You are paying for a reserved spot in our class. Students are welcome to make the classes up in another class. (Please review make up policy). Missed classes are not refundable.

NEW THIS SEASON: We recommend signing up for automatic payments at the studio or through your bank to avoid late payments. We accept cash, check, Visa & Mastercard. 

Returned checks incur a $25.00 fee from us and are turned over to Checkcare Systems for collection. If contacted immediately after the check is returned, Checkcare can waive their additional fees. Checkcare: 615-869-0190. Accounts that are 45 days late will result in a suspension in the child’s registration in their class. Accounts more than 60 days late will be turned over to a collection agency. A $5.00 charge per week will accrue for payments more than one week late. Please note that you are responsible for any third party charges in relation to collecting overdue debts to FSPA.

All classes are priced separately- unless monthly tuition reaches the discounted pricing below. 

15 minute class: $30.00

30 minute class: $55.00

45 minute class: $65.00

1 hour class: $73.00

1 hr 15 minute class: $80.00

1 hr 30 minute class: $89.00

Discount pricing for 3 classes or more per week: (Hours are added together. Siblings hours may also be added together). 

Up to 4 hrs per week: $175.00
4.25-5 hrs per week: $207.00

5.25 -6 hrs per week: $235.00

6.25-7 hrs: $259.00
7.25-8.5 hrs: $285.00
8.75 hrs & higher are $8.25 per hr times 4 weeks for total.